CBD for the Strung Out

Posted by Planet Earth CBD on Nov 9th 2020

CBD for the Strung Out

You have done so much today for so many, but by the end of the week, you are exhausted and forgot to take care of the most important person… you!

Feeling Frazzled?

No one person can do it all without a break. If clay molding and yoga poses aren’t cutting it, we have a safe alternative that might just help. CBD’s naturally calming effect can help you get to sleep faster at night so you are refreshed by morning, give you energy for the day, and keep you focused on the tasks that need tending to.

Back Up, Did You Just Say Energy?

Indeed, I did. Our deliciously flavored Apple Turnover superfood powder is packed with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that provide the energy you need to tackle today. 1 scoop of our greens equates to multiple servings of fruits and vegetables you otherwise may not have gotten. Perfect for keeping alkalinity levels up, digestive systems balanced, and hearts healthy, the ingredients in Apple Turnover are beyond beneficial.

Our CBD capsules are not only nano emulsified, but liquid, which means they absorb quickly into the bloodstream, getting to work sooner than your average hemp-derived products. As mentioned earlier, CBD can help you fall asleep faster. Our softgels, specifically designed for nighttime, include melatonin and chamomile, two naturally soothing, sleep-supporting sources for the rest you have been craving.

Take It Easy with CBD

When you are well-rested and ready to go, you are able to give 100% instead of the usual 72%. With the right resources, like hemp-derived CBD, you may just find more patience, more peace, and more power from within.

Next time you feel a little too high strung or stressed out, acknowledge yourself, and order Planet Earth’s powerful greens, calm-inducing capsules or soothing softgels. Gain the confidence you need for today, tomorrow, and tasks to come.