Coping with COVID:  CBD for the Stay-at-Home Workforce

Posted by Planet Earth CBD on May 5th 2020

Coping with COVID: CBD for the Stay-at-Home Workforce

Millions of Americans are still working from home, just like you. Barely leaving the house, dealing with the kids, home-schooling—cabin fever is real! We’re coming at you with some CBD necessities during these trying times.


You wake up Friday morning and receive an unexpected invitation to a 9 am conference call. Exhausted from the stress of everything, you could use a boost. More specifically, you could use 25 mg of full spectrum CBD in a high-quality gummy with concentration-enhancing effects. It’ll help you focus during the call and be on the ball for what lies ahead.


Current circumstances will inevitably cause a new level of distraction for which your solution is here! With third-party lab-tested hemp extract, our calming capsules can provide the extra help to handle high stress situations day in and day out.


It’s 10 pm and you know what that means. Time to hit the pillow for some much-needed rest. Mind and body must work harmoniously to get you through a typical day, let alone a pandemic. Our herb medley hemp-derived CBD cream might not take away all your worries, but it sure will ease your mind and muscles for a better night’s sleep and even brighter tomorrow.


Now more than ever, we want you to know that Planet Earth provides the support you can count on. Choose from our wide array of beneficial products. Don’t wait another day to visit our site or call with questions!