Get Up and Go with Planet Earth Greens

Posted by Planet Earth CBD on Jul 29th 2020

Get Up and Go with Planet Earth Greens

It can be difficult to wrap your head around CBD as a superfood, but our water-soluble CBD Apple Turnover Green Superfood powder provides the advantages of multiple servings of fruits and vegetables in a single scoop… and then some.

Why are superfoods important?

Superfoods are known for their multi-action agency in supporting a healthy body. From free-radical neutralizing antioxidants to anxiety-relieving plant action, our greens offer up more than just your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. With hemp extract added to the mix, you’ll have yourself a synergistic system well on its way to optimal wellness.

  • If you’re taking our delicious greens, you may benefit from:
  • 750 mg of full-spectrum nano emulsified hemp extract
  • A powerful probiotic blend
  • Skin-supporting effects of Vitamin E
  • Healthy immune system promotion

What’s so special about nano technology?

Our nano technology allows for faster CBD absorption throughout the body. To create the enhanced nano CBD, we added a step to speed the delivery to the consumer’s bloodstream. We surround the CBD compounds with coating of microscopic balls of fat. These nanoballs are liposomes-built of phospholipids, some elements you’ll find in cell membranes. Its opposite is full spectrum, where the terpenes are left behind. Emulsion soaks hemp in water or other liquids to separate its components producing an extractible oil. The traditional microemulsion divides the water and oil using a large amount of the fluid which also dilutes the quality. Nano emulsion uses much less fluid leaving a more potent isolate.

Ingredients You’ll Love

Of the many beneficial ingredients in our Apple Turnover, we’re spotlighting the versatile spirulina and chlorella. People who take spirulina by itself report having an abundance of energy. This ingredient promotes weight loss, can curb hunger, and support sinus health. Studies have also found spirulina to reduce itching, nasal congestion, and sneezing.

Chlorella is the new algae in town. Since it has a hard-celled wall our bodies cannot digest, chlorella must be consumed in supplement form—so it’s a good thing you can find it in our CBD Greens! Chlorella has shown its ability to help increase immune activity with its antioxidants. It doesn’t stop there, though. Chlorella may even help improve blood lipid levels, promote kidney and heart health, and control blood sugar levels.

Phew, that was a mouthful of benefits! Start tasting and enjoying them through Planet Earth CBD’s Apple Turnover today!