How CBD Can Counteract Tough Training

Posted by Planet Earth CBD on Nov 18th 2020

How CBD Can Counteract Tough Training

Hey, exercise is great. It makes you feel alive! However, it is easy to push yourself a little too far, turning something that should have a positive effect on your health to something that has a negative effect on your body. When you overtrain, you are not proving anything except your body’s need to recover. And it will take longer, which will drive you crazy because all you want to do is get back to the gym.

How Do You Know?

Muscle Soreness

The clearest sign you need to reel it back is muscle soreness that lasts longer than a few days after a hard workout. You have outdone yourself, but not in a good way. Your body is too overworked to recover properly.

Sleepless Nights

With enough recovery, hormone levels usually return to their resting state. If those levels remain elevated, they can interfere with the production of hormones such as cortisol. When cortisol levels fluctuate, your sleep cycle goes through the ringer, and quality of sleep goes down. Insomnia coming to mind?

If you are used to getting 6-8 hours of sleep on a regular basis, and after strenuous workouts you notice a new pattern of restless nights, then you are probably overdoing it.


It is a fact that exercise raises endorphins, thereby making you feel happier and sometime even limitless. Get this though: Continuous vigorous workouts can have the opposite effect. That’s right! Overtraining stresses the body and when the body is stressed it can offset hormone balance, causing irritability and mood swings, throwing you way off game.

Poor Performance and… Weight Gain

When you are pushing yourself like never before, not properly prepping beforehand, and not giving yourself the proper time to recover, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. It is trying to tell you something and you will end up in worse shape if you don’t. You start to notice less agility, strength, and endurance. In fact, you start gaining weight. Overtraining triggers a stress response, releasing hormones that promote weight gain. Especially if you are trying to shed some fat, then you are working against yourself.

CBD for the Win

Something is wrong, so slow down. After you have taken a breather and allowed your muscles to relax, get yourself on a sustainable path to achieving your goals. As you find a happy medium of exercise, scroll through our site. Planet Earth CBD offers a line of sports nutrition products for every step of your journey. Why? Because CBD has been shown to help the endocannabinoid system keep inflammation at a healthy level and keep neurotransmitter levels in check. Preworkout, postworkout, and whey protein with hemp-derived nano emulsified CBD can provide the preparation and support you need to avoid severe muscle soreness, increase focus, and recover faster for your next not-so-strenuous routine.