How CBD Products Can Help Unlock Your Potential

Posted by Planet Earth CBD on Oct 26th 2020

How CBD Products Can Help Unlock Your Potential

You know professional athletes like Megan Rapinoe and Rob Gronkowski endorse the use of cannabidiol for athletic purposes. But do you know why? We do, and we are here with exactly how Planet Earth CBD products can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Sports Nutrition + CBD

Typical pre-workout supplements offer energy-promoting ingredients with nutrients important to protein synthesis and muscle building. While pre-workout products with CBD may also include those ingredients and nutrients, Planet Earth CBD’s deliciously flavored pre-workout powder gives you a reason to return to the mat, gym, or outdoor trail.

Containing 900 mg of full spectrum nano emulsified hemp extract, this powder can help improve performance, reduce fatigue, and expand your horizon of achievements. That mile record you have been trying to beat, those three extra reps you just could not get through… consider Planet Earth CBD your own personal motivator.

When it comes to post-workout recovery, you are going to want something that works fast in soothing sore muscles and restoring energy. With an electrolyte blend to spark the charge you need to keep going, our post-workout matrix may make the difference between sleeping in and getting back on the workout wagon. Planet Earth Post-Workout Coconut Lime, a favorite flavor among customers, includes mind-calming CBD that will prepare you for the rest needed for tomorrow’s routine.

Say goodbye to tasteless whey protein and say hello to premium vanilla whey. Planet Earth offers a hard-to-find flavored whey protein powder with CBD. 22 grams of protein in this product will help grow muscle and obtain lasting effects from your workout.

Out with the Old

If typical sports supplements weren’t working, then Planet Earth CBD products might just be the perfection replacement for your workout routine. Studies have shown that cannabidiol can lower inflammation and help relieve pain, which, if you are an athlete, you know how much a pain relief aid is needed when you’ve torn something. Ouch!

Proceed With Caution

While CBD works differently from person to person, we can guarantee quality and safety. All of Planet Earth CBD products are third-party lab-tested to make sure there are no toxic elements involved in the manufacturing of what we offer. Speaking of manufacturing, all of our products are made to the highest of standards in accordance with GMP guidelines in an NSF registered facility.

If you are currently purchasing CBD from unregulated sources, we strongly urge you to reconsider. There are plenty of brands out there selling unsafe products at the expense of your health. Buy form a brand you can trust.