Live Free, Do More: Liberate Yourself with Planet Earth CBD

Posted by Planet Earth CBD on Dec 2nd 2020

Live Free, Do More: Liberate Yourself with Planet Earth CBD

Is a sore muscle slowing you down? We know the feeling, which is why we’ve created fast-acting CBD topicals that zip to the source of soreness and soothe it for 24-48 hours. But a soothed muscle goes far beyond better mobility.

Getting Back to Who You Were

When you are used to being active, it can be difficult to sit still, knowing such a minor issue could be resolved… if only you had the right product. That’s where Planet Earth CBD comes in. You see, when you apply our transdermal patch, you are freeing yourself from feeling stuck. You now have the ability to run, jump, and lift like before—before the pain stopped you in your tracks.

How It Works

Our patches are made with hemp-derived CBD isolate, which means it can help ease the symptoms of arthritic, back, and neuropathic pain. On a more biologic level, CBD helps stimulate the system of receptors in your body called the endocannabinoid system or ECS, which plays a pivotal role in maintaining your body’s balance, or homeostasis. Since we use nano technology, our CBD absorbs and acts faster than most products from other brands. We surround the CBD compounds with a coating of microscopic balls of fat, liposomes built of phospholipids. Emulsion soaks hemp in water or other liquids to separate its components, producing an extractable oil. Traditional microemulsion divides the water and oil using a large amount of the fluid, thereby diluting quality. Nano emulsion, on the other hand, uses much less fluid, leaving a more potent isolate. Easy enough, right?

In simplest form, Planet Earth offers high-quality, hemp-derived topicals that can knock you back into your socks AND sneakers. Our products are 3rd party lab tested and used by many seeking a solution to sore muscles, joints, and sources of pain that just won’t quit. Want to see what all the hype is about? Order here and get free shipping.

Beyond Pain

If sports aren’t really your avenue, then our products can still help calm your nerves. CBD is one of the most popular products right now for that exact reason. 2020 has been a lot, and you deserve the break. Order some high-quality hemp-derived CBD manufactured right here in the USA in an FDA, GMP registered facility. Skip the lines and click today!