Pressing Pause to be Present: How Planet Earth CBD Can Help You Live in the Now

Posted by Planet Earth CBD on Oct 1st 2020

Pressing Pause to be Present: How Planet Earth CBD Can Help You Live in the Now

Which areas of your life do you wish to improve? To get back? Though we can’t rewind, we can absolutely take a minute to reflect, regroup, and return, pressing play with a better outlook and better habits.

You might be wondering how to do this with all that you have going on. From hemp-derived drops to calming softgels, Planet Earth has something to help.

Is This You?

Perhaps you work too much and know you need to step up your parenting game. To do that, you first need to separate yourself from the office, but this working-from-home situation isn’t helping. Even when you do close the laptop, your mind is still on what you have to do tomorrow. If only there was a way to calm those thoughts so you could focus on family time…

Behold, CBD Drops

Made with organic fractionated coconut oil, our drops could cool you down from the day. One drop a day in the evening, say, when you shut the workday down, and suddenly you aren’t thinking about the next day, but playing with the kids with a new-found appreciation for the now.

Topicals to the Rescue

The grandkids are coming over and they sure have a lot of energy. All you’d like to do is run around the yard with them, if it wasn’t for the unrelenting joint pain you experience daily. Unlike many false advertisements out there, Planet Earth CBD does not claim to treat or cure any ailments, but it might just make you forget about them. Allow me to explain: Our THC-free patch gets applied to the source of pain, stiffness, soreness, or concern, and while it varies per person, you could be feeling relief within minutes! Good for 24-48 hours, our nano emulsified CBD adhesive works to speed up delivery of its fast-acting absorption through the bloodstream.

Not into the patch idea? Our non-greasy, paraben-free cream. Customers have told us firsthand that after years of physical labor, nothing has worked as well as our CBD cream. If you apply our topicals in time, you might just be able to turn a new leaf, start jumping in piles with the grandchildren, and feel younger than you have in a long time. Even if it is only temporary relief, our hemp products will calm the mind, calm the joints, and get you on your way to feeling great!

Sound Mind

All of our CBD products are made in an FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facility in the US. Quality and safety? Two worries you can cross off your list. From the start, Planet Earth CBD has bene committed to producing premium CBD for the benefit of our customers in the safest way possible. With no psychoactive components and some of our planet’s finest ingredients, we invite you to use Planet Earth CBD today and #exploreyourhorizons of a better tomorrow.