Propel Your Health with Planet Earth CBD

Posted by Planet Earth CBD on Mar 16th 2020

Propel Your Health with Planet Earth CBD

CBD is all you hear about today, and based on market research, CBD isn’t going anywhere. Yes, CBD products can help reduce inflammation, anxiety, and the level of stress you feel on the daily. But what if we told you that not all CBD products are made equally? Let’s begin, shall we?

What is CBD?

CBD is one of more than a hundred “phytocannabinoids” which are unique to cannabis (hemp), providing its strong therapeutic profile. The human body has specific cannabinoid receptors, part of the body’s Endocannabinoid System, that has many functions in overall health maintenance. The cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2 in the central nervous system react in beneficial ways, indirectly, to the presence of cannabinoids such as CBD in the body. Much of the research done on cannabinoid receptors and their inter-reaction have proven physiological effects on how the body reacts to stress, pain, inflammation, and anxiety. They have also shown signs of improving memory, mood, appetite, pain, and depression. More research yields more evidence of beneficial results EVERY DAY.

Everything Under the Sun

We offer capsules, softgels, gummies, powders and more! Have trouble getting into the groove during the day… or night? Planet Earth Anytime gummies are a burst of flavor AND energy, perfect for any time of day. Have trouble getting your head in the game for the gym? Our Pre-Workout Blue Ice will get you in the mental shape you need to achieve your ideal physical shape. The cool-down can be rough with sore muscles and all. Not to worry, we’ve got something for that too. A BCAA- post-workout powder has everything you need to tackle tomorrow’s training. Be on your way to slaying with Planet Earth’s calming chamomile softgel. We’re a worldly brand, which is why we strive to serve all of our clients all over the globe with nothing but the best.

Quality Counts

It’s true, not all CBD products have the same effect, depending on how they are made and the cannabinoids or phytocannabinoids included. One of our top priorities is giving you the chance to live your best life with the help of hemp. That’s why we’ve scoured the earth to provide the most effective and beneficial blend of CBD. Our sustainably-sourced CBD products cast a wide net to help as many people as possible.

The Brand to Trust

With some brands, you don’t know what you are ACTUALLY getting. Transparency is especially important when dealing with hemp-derived supplements. That’s why we guarantee all of our products are 3 rd party lab-tested. We stand by consistency and safety because all of our products have the THC removed to a federally compliant and undetectable level, so there’s nothing for you to ever to worry about.

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