The Nano Need: Benefits of CBD Nanotechnology

Posted by Planet Earth CBD on Aug 5th 2020

The Nano Need: Benefits of CBD Nanotechnology

Bioavailability is something often touted, but not always understood. It is something that plays a major role in the efficacy of CBD in your system. And while CBD’s bioavailability is typically low, especially when taken orally, our manufacturing team makes sure Planet Earth’s products meet the standards for your satisfaction.


Bioavailability is basically how much of something can actually be used by the body. So, it would make sense to only increase CBD’s bioavailability, right? We agree.

Breaking Down the Benefits

Planet Earth utilizes nanotechnology to produce a fast-acting solution to address all your needs—be it muscle soreness, a backache, or stiff joints. By minimizing the size of cannabidiol particles, the body can better break down the CBD and process it into useful compounds that communicate with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This exchange is important to the maintenance of your body’s homeostasis, or balance.

By breaking CBD molecules down to nanoparticle size, scientists found that they begin to act differently when compared to larger molecules. The smaller the CBD molecule, the more easily bound to both lipids and water it becomes. That means our softgels, liquid capsules, drops, and whey powder can all better produce the effect(s) you are looking to gain by taking hemp-derived products than other brands whose technology is not advanced.

The Brand to Believe

If you are still considering another brand, sure, other brands carry nano emulsified offers. But are their facilities GMP registered? GMP compliant? Is their material 3rd party lab-tested? While no brand can guarantee how you will experience the effects of CBD, Planet Earth can guarantee you high-quality, lab-tested, safe and affordable avenues to better health. Learn more about our CBD and start feeling better in no time!